Agriturismo - Alle Tre Colline
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Servizio di consegna a domicilio

Al vino ci pensiamo noi!


Consegnamo personalmente i nostri vini in tutto il Piemonte e spediamo con corriere in tutta Italia
Per info e ordini 3337905376

Discover the hospitality of this wonderful and evocative area, surrounded by the hills of Monferrato!

After more than ten years of activity, Franco Carossa and his family decided to move their agritourism in a new building next to their home. Here the whole family will greet you and they will make you appreciate the hospitality of this wonderful and evocative area, surrounded by the hills of Monferrato.
The area offers a splendid view: the gaze is drawn into the woods and the vineyards, countless villages and towns and the Alps in the background. This landscape and the famous Abbey of Vezzolano, which is nearby, infuse a sense of wellness and calm.

The Farm

The love and the care for vineyards is handed down in our family from many generations.

The cultivated sides are truly important for the production of great grapes. The vineyards are historically according to two types of contour ploughing: crosswise (“girapoggio”) and roundabout (“cavalcapoggio”). The vineyards are located in Albugnano hills and the sides face south, south-
east and south-west.
The grapes are cultivated with eco- friendly methods in order to respect the environment and to prevent the surface erosion of the hills.

Educational Farm

The passion for our job and the love for nature inspired us to devote time to environmental education in order to establish a new balance between man and agricultural framework.

The farm is involved into a regional project called “Fattorie DIdattiche del Piemonte”.
Thanks to amusing activities and creative workshops, we promote attractiveness and interest to children. We propose practical and theoretical activities based on both traditional and modern methods of farming. Children will plunge into the rural world and they will discover interesting information about the vineyards and the hazelnut trees, how the grape harvest and the vinification process work and the making of hazelnut based products.


Have a taste of what you’ll find…

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